logistics company testimonials

Jennings International has recently entered new markets in Russia. LoriBeth was instrumental in providing certain details that were included in the Purchasing Contract that would have been overlooked without her meaningful and timely advice. We are very pleased to work with LoriBeth https://www.stgusa.com/ and The American Companies on all of our overseas shipments." “I have used Transport N Service for over 5 years, and they are much more than your average trucking company. Transport N Service is awesome for California shipments, but also awesome for other U.S states as well.

Professional, transparent & easy to work with. Shipment was delivered in a timely manner without any issues. Great service for a transfer I did between warehouses. Easy platform, great price, quick service, and responsive customer service that were great uss express reviews every step of the way. The service was extremely helpful making the whole process a breeze. Top that with the great prices and how quick everything was; well worth five stars. I worked with Freightera for a small shipment and they made a really good job.

White Glove Logistics

When a 3PL didn’t babysit the load and a service failure occurred, we’d have to scramble, sometimes losing up to two days while we searched for another carrier. We stumbled and bumbled along like this for a while, until I was able to call Matchmaker Logistics to come to our rescue. Once again, I would like to thank your entire team for the hard work, they provide to help me save my customers day.

logistics company testimonials

I highly recommend calling Global Net for all your shipping needs, they will take care of you and make sure your shipment arrives in a timely manner. Partnering with Convoy Logistics to help satisfy my company’s transportation requirements was one of the best decisions I have made. The team of transportation professionals at Convoy Logistics has never failed my company. They act with a sense uss express reviews of urgency and provide superb, timely service in a straightforward and ethical manner. Operating in a dynamic and often rapidly changing environment, the Convoy team has always remained flexible and often reacted on short notice. I would enthusiastically recommend Convoy Logistics to anyone who is looking for honesty, integrity and outstanding transportation services at a competitive price.

I purchased the tractor online from a seller in Indiana without questioning how I would get it to my home in Wilmington,NC. When I called the most well-known shipping service in the country to inquire about a freight rate, I was floored by the price they quoted. It was $300 more than uss express reviews what I paid to purchase the tractor! A second quote from an independent shipping company in Indiana wasn’t much more palatable. “On a Friday afternoon, one of our carriers dropped the ball and left us with a shipment that had to be moved from California to Oregon immediately.

Top Logistics Companies

Global Net Logistics kept my customer privy to every detail and change in the updates. My customer truly appreciated the “white glove” feel of attention they provided. https://www.usabusinessradio.com/how-to-start-a-dropshipping-business-in-the-usa-the-review-of-the-most-popular-ways-by-uss-express-delivery-llc/ It is always a blessing when my customer gets news that could get them worked up and they are just tickled to death that someone is communicating with them.

logistics company testimonials

Our deliveries are time sensitive and they have delivered 100% on time and with professionalism that I never had with the other carrier. “I have to say that I have been incredibly impressed with your company and staff throughout this entire process. I can assure you that anyone I talk to looking to make changes in the industry will be referred to you and your group promptly." "Always fantastic customer service. Jess Johnson, Dave Barnard, and team make Legacy easy to deal with." In these unprecedented times, your feedback is more important than ever to ensure we’re providing the online shipping service and support you need.

Xpo Logistics, Inc

They were not given us any chance to think about switching over to any other transporter, as we used to get excellent services from their Kathmandu office and all over India also. The extremely fast, friendly, no-nonsense, and reliable way of doing business has made TNS our most trusted transportation partner. We hold them in a higher class than any other carriers, and would recommend them to anyone." Years later, another career shift brought me to my current employer, a retailer with approximately 375 active small vendors, many of which use third-party warehouses. As a cost-savings strategy, the company had implemented a Transportation Management System to minimize LTL hits and bundle shipments together.

Freight Operations

Read the many great testimonials our customers have provided here. Check your potential suppliers in China – get the verification report in 24 hours. Protect your business, avoid scams and frauds. We have been working with CFC for three years. Sometimes full container, sometimes LCL, they have NOT ever let us down. Let’s work together for the next three years. Freighera is usually my number one choice for shipping inside Canada and USA.

I definitely recommend Freightera’s service. Great experience overall on our first shipment with Freightera. Easy to navigate website and array of quotes from different carriers. Flexible when I needed to change the pick-up date, reasonably priced, and delivered safely and on time.

What really made the experience great was how Freightera handled an issues that arose… I was very happy with the ease of booking the shipment and how they were there to help me when an issue arose with this being my first cross border shippment with a large item.

The employees go above and beyond to make sure that your shipment goes smoothly as possible. We set up our first shipment with Freightera entirely online and in under 15 minutes… Freightera was the only site out of 8 that we tried that actually gave us quotes instantaneously and their prices were excellent. We placed the order, paid Freightera for the freight, and the item shipped and arrived without any issues. In the past I’ve missed auctions that I should have jumped on, and bought things that cost far too much to ship, so I’ll definitely be using Freightera more in the future. Even though we had some difficulties with the trucking company, Freightera was very helpful to assist until shipment arrived.

Matchmaker researched every trucking service listed in the phone book until they found a company that could handle our need at a reasonable rate. BGI has provided me with the best pricing amongst all other logistics companies I’ve inquired from. Heather from BGI has been my correspondent from the beginning and she’s honestly a godsend. I’ve been using BGI Logistics for my shipping needs for the past 8 years and can not be happier with the team I work with.

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