Pinteresthelps you market to a very specific group of people hardly accessible through other social media channels. Føtex stocks groceries, hardware items, Forex news electronic equipment, clothing, stationary and toys. This large selection of goods makes Føtex different from most of the other supermarkets in town.

Even though it was discovered when delivered there was no help – the delivery people offered to call Customer service, but I could also do this myself. One of the other items was incorrect, but you have a “no return policy” – even though it was bough in a large quantity and still in the packaging material it was received in.

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Of course you should have been informed of the delay by us and we would have tried to find a solution for delivery another time. We do have a ”no return policy” when it comes to groceries. Beverage can – dotbig review if still in original and unbroken pakage – be returned in one of our warehouses. Unfortunately there seems to have been an error in our stock count, which has resulted in your product going into backorder.

Never buy from Føtex online – have much more to choose from, better price AND much better service. Our colleagues at the store are of course there to help resolve the issue if you return with the product and your receipt.

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We have destroyed it ourselves and had no warranty they said. They have still not returned it so we have not been able to cut our grass for the whole year and we have no solution from Føtex except that they have closed the case. They refuse to give our money back or to give us our tractor until we pay for the damage we complained about that they say we have done. The funny part is that they have recognized Forex news some problems they admit we haven’t caused, but we still have to pay to get those problems fixed anyway. But despite we complained within a year we don’t get help. Despite the warranty still being valid even in January 2022, nothing is getting fixed, whether they think it’s our fault or not. We will never buy a single product from Føtex, not even milk again, and never recommend them to others.


When you sign up for one of our online marketing plans we design your website for Free. Our websites are customized to reflect your business and built with SEO in mind. I went to your Fisketorvet store at around 0715 to make a very simple return of a dotbig testimonials defected/spoiled item. I arrive at the kundservice desk, no one was there. I ask a staff member, they said they will get someone. Around 5 minutes of waiting, I get told ‘yeh yeh they’re coming’. Then another staff member tells me it will be an hour!

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